Brian Swiger

Passionate geek, proud father, devoted husband

A short introduction...

I am Brian Swiger, a father of two boys, married to my beautiful wife, living in Tampa, Florida. My computer days began when my father taught me to type R-U-N on a Commodore VIC-20. In addition, I used to demo the capabilities of the Apple II series of computers at various trade shows. My programming heroes include John Carmack and Jeff Atwood, which all relates to my love of the computer game, Quake. Jeff and I were actually in a Quake clan together in my early days, as he helped me learn Visual Basic.

I consider myself a reasonably experienced web software developer. I do agree with Jeff's recommended developer reading list, as I have purchased and read nearly every book. Lastly, computers are interesting machines, yet it is the people behind them and the impact they potentially produce that makes them really fascinating.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Solution Architecture

Unifying components or elements into a coherent and functional whole while solving a business challenge. Being responsible for the development and delivery of an overall vision while transforming that vision into a strategic solution with team support. Technology know-how, combined with software and hardware knowledge to oversee aspects of the project life cycle, from initial kick-off through requirements analysis, design and implementation is what I do best.

Web Development

From my initial days of cruising the BBS scene to learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I've always been yearning for the world to be connected with information. Web applications have grown with service connectivity, multiple devices with which to view content and a plethora of languages to build solutions. I've grown with them as a developer, using all the latest tools, patterns and practices to adapt to a changing landscape. It all comes down to your browser, HTML, CSS and JavaScript at the end of the day, while providing timely, viable, interactive content.

Passion To Learn

I pride myself by sharing, rather than hoarding knowledge. Many developers view what they do as a guarded, secret-sauce, not to be shared with the world. I enjoy learning, being taught new, more effective ways, as well as sharing and teaching others. To further that passion, I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer, assist Microsoft Learning with content development, as well as speak, contribute and grow our development community through local user groups.

Whatever you are, be a good one.- Abraham Lincoln

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